Vermont Performance Lab deeply appreciates the generosity of the following individuals, foundations, businesses and arts agencies who have made VPL’s Ten Year Anniversary Season possible.


National Endowment for the Arts


Guilford Sound
New England Foundation For the Arts


David C. Oswald
Fresh Sound Foundation
Vermont Arts Council
Vermont Community Foundation


The James E. Robison Foundation
Mary and Ted Wendell


Quebec Delegation of Boston
Randal Fippinger
William Ryall


Tim Mayo
In Loving Memory of Emily Perlberg
Wendy and Alan Perlberg
Amy Masters-Sheridan and Ted Sheridan
Marcia and Philip Steckler
Janet WAllstein and Jane Dewey


Cathy Edwards and Mike Wishnie
Andrea Landsberg and Richard Marshak
Andrea Livermore
Mimi Morton and Rick Zamore
Katherine Partington and Daniel Kornguth
Stephanie Kershner and Josh Quillen
Lauren and Konstantin von Krusenstiern


Jennifer Brunton and Michael Fuller
Beth Stickney and Whit Blauvelt
Jennifer and Michael Calienes
Deborah Coffey and Juan Carlos Carrasco
Lisa and Douglas Cox
Crocker-LePore Family
Linda Davis and Paul Keane
Brenda Foley and Kevin Gardner
Judith Darrow Freed and Gerry Weiss
Kate Jellema and Seth Harter
Chad Herzog
Christopher Irion
Susan Keane and Richard Griffin
Evie Lovett and Jeffrey Shumlin
Robert McBride
Ellen and Chris Lovell
Dale and Eric Morse
Laura Moskowitz and Robin Shore
Denise Paasche and Tony Blofson
Willow Partington
Lauren Olitski Poster and Bradley Poster
Nancy and Tom Ragle
Kate Ratcliff
Michele Ratté
Kerry and Jon Secrest
Tracy J. Sloan, CPA
Peggy Spencer and Zon Eastes
Vermont Jazz Center
Lynne Weinstein and Billy Strauss
Elin Waagen and Dan Snow
David R White
Mara Williams and Thomas Hilsdon
Richard Wizansky and Todd Mandell
Lucien Zayan
Ines Zeller-Bass and Eric Bass

UP TO $99

Rachel and Jamie Bean
Madeline Bell
John Bouffard in Honor of Hilary Clinton
Pauline Brett and John Willis
Burrows Specialized Sports
Jen Carr and Bill Walsh
Yanira Castro
Yeji and Eric Cha-Beach
Jenny Karstad and Jodi Clark
Amelia and Chad Farnum
Peter W. Galbraith
Barbara and Norton Garber
Jean Giddings and Thomas Ehrenberg
Ain Gordon
Barbara Haumann
Carol Hendrickson and Mark Francillon
Teta Hilsdon and Steve Procter
Kristin Horrigan
Melany Kahn and Bo Foard
Robert Kaplan
Nancy Kruger
Tonya Lockyer
Tanya Luttinger and Ben James
The Marina
Lisa C. Mendelsund
Kathleen E. Michel
Alison Macrae and Bill Murray
Eileen and Bob Parks
Marie L. Procter
Anne Rider and Rob Hinrichs
Linda Rubinstein and Chip Greenberg
Suzanne and Matan Rubinstein
David Sheingold and Gary Proulx
Jennifer Sutton and Todd Smith
Jessica Taraski and Adam Shepard
Felicia and Jim Tober
Thayer Tomlinson and Amit Sharma
Vaune Trachtman and Brian Mooney
Carmelita Tropicana
Hilly and Piet van Loon
Toby Young
Pavel Zustiak

Community Engagement Circle

A.L. Tyler and Sons
Applewoods Studio
Brattleboro Retreat
Chroma Technology
Corse Excavating LLC
David Ross Builder
Don McLean
Farnum Insulators
Meg McCarthy Design
Rockingham Arts and Museum Project
Silver Forest
Vermont Country Deli
Windham Growers
Youth Services

(Donors as of March 15, 2017)