Major Funders, Grants  and Creation Fund Donors


Vermont Performance Lab deeply appreciates the generosity of the following individuals, foundations, businesses and arts agencies who make our work possible.


National Endowment for the Arts


Fresh Sound Foundation
New England Foundation for the Arts


The Windham Foundation
Vermont Arts Council
The Thomas Thompson Trust


The James E. Robison Foundation
Samara Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation
Vermont Community Foundation
Elsa and Barry Waxman
Mary and Ted Wendell


Patti Guttenberg
Marcia and Philip Steckler


Cynthia Oliver
Janet Wallstein and Jane Dewey


Catie and Bruce Berg
Whit Blauvelt and Beth Stickney
Alyce Dissette
Cathy Edwards
Judith Freed and Gerald Weiss
Susan L. Q. Flaherty and Kevin F. F. Quigley
Carmelita Tropicana
Lauren and Konstantin von Krusenstiern


Paul Bruhn
Jennifer and Michael Calienes
Deborah Coffey
Linda Baron Davis
Hannah Dennison
Brenda Foley and Kevin Gardner
Eve Fox and Tom Lewis
Barbara and Norty Garber
Wendy Harrison and Peter Elwell
Linda and Zeke Hecker
Flying Under Radar, LLC
Kate Jellema and Seth Harter
Susan Keane and Richard Griffin
Stephanie Kershner and Josh Quillen
Nancy Kruger
Danny Lichtenfeld
Evie Lovett and Jeffrey Shumlin
Ellen and Chris Lovell
Evelyn and Don McLean
Erin Maile O'Keefe and Kevin O’Keefe
Denise Paasche and Tony Blofson
Verandah Porche
Lauren and Bradley Poster
Jane Preston and Michael Muller
Kate Ratcliff
Sharon and Jaime Laredo
Kerry and Jon Secrest
Peggy Spencer and Zon Eastes
Jennifer Sutton and Todd Smith
Lynne Weinstein and Billy Strauss
David R White
Richard Wizansky and Todd Mandell
Rick Zamore and Mimi Morton
Shari Zarin and John von Wodtke

UP TO $99

Nancy and Robert Anderson
Mathew Barone and Gerard Benoit
Rachel Bean
Madeline Bell
John Bouffard
Pauline Brett and John Willis
J. Brunton and M. Fuller
Jen Carr and Bill Walsh
Yanira Castro
Cherrie Corey and John Nevins
Kathy and Robert DuGrenier
Ken Field
Peter W. Galbraith
Ain Gordon
Mary Greene and Walter Cramer
Emma Hallowell
Bobbie Fitch Haumann
Carol Hendrickson and Mark Francillon
Stacy Hiler
Kristin Horrigan
Melany Kahn and Bo Foard
Robert Kaplan
Joyce and Bob Kirkpatrick
Alison Macrae and Bill Murray
Kathleen Michel
Brian and Vaune
Adrienne Petrillo
Marie L. Procter
Anne Rider and Rob HInrichs
L. Rubinstein and C. Greenberg
Suzanne and Matan Rubinstein
Candice Salyers
Rachael E. Shaw
David Sheingold and Gary Proulx
Elin Waagen and Dan Snow
Jody Sperling
Janice and Gerald Stockman
Nancy Storrow
Felicia and Jim Tober
Sharon and Art Vatsky
Adam Vinhateiro
Joy Wallens-Penford
Craig Wells
Cathi and Roger Wilken
Muriel Wolf
Julia Zanes and Donald Saaf

Community Engagement Circle

A.L. Tyler and Sons
Applewoods Studio
Burrows Specialized Sports
Farnum Insulators
Ryall Sheridan Architects
Scully Architects
Vermont Country Deli
Vermont Jazz Center
Youth Services