2018 Seed Artist:

Pauline Jennings

About Pauline Jennings


VPL selected choreographer/performer Pauline Jennings of Jericho, Vermont as our 2018 SEED Artist. Pauline is a contemporary dance maker and teacher who is compelled to solve critical questions through her body and its relationship to others via responsive systems. Her choreographic method is aimed at providing a journey for both dancers and audience. Rooted in this belief, Jennings says, “I aim to offer an experience akin to landing in a foreign country, going first to a busy cafe and observing sounds, sights and smells, excitedly searching for familiar gestures, patterns and relationships while ever so slowly attempting to discern details that aid in understanding the big picture.”

Her choreography for stage and interactive installations has been performed in festivals and showcases both nationally and internationally, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Merce Cunningham Studio, EMPAC (Emergent Media and Performing Arts Center, RPI (Troy, NY), ODC Theater (San Francisco), the Museumsquartier Wien (Vienna), Institut Intermédií (Prague), ProART International Choreography Platform (Brno), Eastern Bloc (Montreal), Primo Piano LivinGallery (Lecce), Takt Kunstprojektraum (Berlin), 2018 Maker Festival (Shanghai) and the 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art (Dubai).

During her VPL residency, she worked in the studio with collaborators Joshua Lacourse (movement), Sean Clute (music) and Jessica Gomula (video) to further the development of Sea Inside our Skin an audience-immersive performance installation which is rooted in the Chinese maxim “飲水思源” (drink the water, remember its source). Her residency culminated in a work-in-progress showing at the 118 Elliot gallery space in downtown Brattleboro.


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