Sebastienne Mundheim


2008–2009 Lab Artist: Sebastienne Mundheim

MundheimSebastienne Mundheim is a writer, director, designer, performer, educator, and recently filmmaker. She has created 17 original performances commissioned by institutions including the University of Pennsylvania, The Rosenbach Museum and Library, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Franklin and Marshall College. She is known for synthesizing complex, sophisticated academic content into lyrical educational performances geared toward young audiences, appealing to all ages. Using sculptural props, shadow puppets, dancers, actors, and music, her performances teach lessons and ask questions. Her shows have been performed locally and internationally.

Performances include: Were the Sunny Sombreros Somber Somehow: Stories of 20th Century Mexican Revolutionary Painters, Giorgio de Chirico and the Myth of Ariadne, Under the Hat: Life and Works of Poet Marianne Moore, A Potable Joyce: A Watered-down Version of Ulysses, the Story of James Joyce and his Manuscript, and Currently Franklin: the Story of a Paper Boy.

She has collaborated with other visual and performing artists including, but not limited to: Whit McLaughlin, New Paradise Laboratories, Thaddeus Phillips, Lucidity Suitcase, Madi DiStefano, Brat Productions, Kate-Watson Wallace, Agita Dance, and the Reactionaries.

Sebastienne has also been a community artist/educator since 1992, creating programming through the Fleisher Art Memorial, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Young Audiences, Big Picture Alliance, and many other organizations and schools in Philadelphia and New Orleans. Sebastienne received her BA/BFA from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990, and her EdM from Harvard in 2000.