Shannon Hummel


2007 Lab Artist: Shannon Hummel / Cora Dance

hummelres2VPL collaborated with Marlboro College to bring Brooklyn-based choreographer Shannon Hummel and her dance company Cora Dance to Southern Vermont for a creative residency in October. Hummel is a dancer, choreographer and educator with deep interests in promoting the relevance and necessity of art in the daily lives of every person. Her artistic works are vivid explorations of the human condition that lay bare the intimate emotional underpinnings of movement.

As a 2007 Lab Artist Shannon Hummel chose to bring her dance company, Cora Dance, to Vermont to work intensively to develop a new work using the dance Studio on the campus of Marlboro College.  For Hummel and the dancers they developed new material for a new piece that is informed by drastic shifts: emotional polarity, brutality and tenderness, insecurity and confidence. During the residency audiences had several opportunities to meet the artists and learn about their work through discussions, open rehearsals, masterclass and informal showings of the company's work.  In addition, Ms. Hummel participated in a choreography class giving College students feedback on their work and she and members of her company, Kelly Bartnik and Donna Costello met with students during Dedicated Hour to talk with them about working as professional dancers and choreographers.