Jody Sperling / Time Lapse Dance


2006 Lab Artist: Jody Sperling / Time Laps Dance

Marlboro College and Vermont Performance Lab collaborated for the first time to bring New York City choreographer and dance scholar Jody Sperling and her contemporary dance company, Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance, to the Marlboro College campus for a 10-day artist residency.

Jody Sperling is known for her contemporary choreography that gives a postmodern twist to vintage dance genres; from the dazzling fin de siècle spectacles of modern dance pioneer Loie Fuller, to circus and music hall entertainments. Working closely with lighting designer David Ferri, Time Lapse Dance used the residency to develop a dazzling spectacle of dance and light inspired by the style of Loie Fuller. Members of the College community and beyond were able to get a peek at Time Lapse Dance's creative process through observing open rehearsals, working as technical and choreographic assistants, participating in lighting design and hula-hooping workshops and attending a showing that included a work-in-progress of Roman Sketches and the completed pieces La Nuit (2003) and An Arm and A Leg (2005), created and performed by the Company. In addition, Jody Sperling offered a slide-lecture about early modern dancer Loie Fuller through a co-presentation with the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center.