2017 Lab Artist: Alice Gosti

About Alice Gosti

gosti portrait

Alice Gosti is a dancer, choreographer, performer and filmmaker from Perugia, Italy who currently resides in Seattle, Washington.  She was raised in Italy in an Italian/American family of installation artists and architects. While movement is at the heart of her work, she uses all media to create cohesive environments in which the audience is invited to experience and perform. Her work is inspired by durational performance art by artists like Marina Abramovicć, Doug Aitken, Matthew Barney, Gina Pane, Yves Klein and Jan Fabre.

Through her work she aims to bring to the surface questions and ideas that are relevant to the contemporary human condition. In her current project “Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture” (MDICAC) Gosti grapples with the complexity of immigration, homelessness and living in an object-based society where we define our identity through the objects we own. 

MDICAC is inspired by stories that populate our modern consciousness: immigrants and refugees who carry their homes on their backs; hoarders who compulsively accumulate; and America’s enduring homeless population. To make this work she is accumulating true stories to shape the narrative of this live performance. 

Research has found that 2-5% of the world has hoarding illness at some degree. Most hoarders are undiagnosed, live and die surrounded by their objects. For Gosti it’s hard to imagine how one can go from having a home one-day to being out on the street the next. As she has discovered, many homeless people start out with jobs and stable residences, but social and economic factors can rapidly change one's living situation. Research shows the two biggest factors driving homelessness are poverty and the lack of affordable housing. 

Gosti will come to VPL for a 10-day residency with a group of her collaborators who will work in the Drury Gallery at Marlboro College to further develop the performance and installation of MDICAC and work with undergraduate students.  As part of Gosti’s residency, VPL is joining forces with Groundworks Collaborative on a tent drive.  With the Seasonal Overflow Shelter closing at the end of April, we are seeking donations of lightly used tents or blankets. Donations can be brought to the VPL performance on March 8th or may be dropped off at Groundworks Drop In Center, 60 South Main Street in Brattleboro Monday – Friday from 7am-5pm. 

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