2017 Lab Artists: Greta Grineviciute + Agniete Lisičkinaitė

About Greta and Agniete

greta portraitGreta Grineviciute and Agniete Lisičkinaitė are the Lithuanian choreographic duo and creative minds behind the B & B Project. Greta is contemporary dance artist who is extremely interested in making dance films, choreographing for the stage and performing. Already Greta has made few dance films including Faked David which was selected to be a part of video dance festival From Jaffa to Agripas in Jerusalem in 2016.  She has performed with various choreographers in Lithuania and Europe including AIROS Dance Theatre, Simon Pederson, Tony Vezich, Andrius Katinas and others. Greta is deeply interested in developing the connection between contemporary dance for the stage, stage performance and video. She finds her self when she is acting on stage, and believes that people can speak through art about every theme you can encounter in a daily life, and even beyond it.  

Agniete is a contemporary dancer choreographer, performer and teacher. In Lithuania she is well known as a performer of AIROS Dance Theatre and LOW AIR Urban Dance Company. Agniete made her debut as a choreographer in 2014 with her piece Popular problem (Art Printing House, Vilnius). She is interested in combining contemporary dance with other types of art and how with this combination she can reveal the social themes. 

These two emerging Lithuanian choreographers discovered their alter egos, B & B, while in Ireland at an artist residency program, and the B & B Project was born. This is their first joint production. B & B are two blond girls, like twins, who like to dance, sing, travel and spread love all over the world. The two artists have been following the journey of these two characters as they travel the world and meet new people in various communities.  These adventures and their stories are captured on film and then also transferred to the stage through “B and B Dialogue.”

Greta, Agniete and B & B will be in residence at VPL for two weeks this summer. We are excited to see how these two artists from Eastern Europe will engage with and capture our community on film and dance.

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